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We support …

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… with a donation of 2,200 EUR each to the association Brennessel – Hilfe gegen sexuellen Missbrauch e.V. and the Tafel in Weingarten CariSATT.

1,100 EUR came from our traditional Christmas tombola. The amount was quadrupled by the company.

We hope to be able to support the important work of Brennessel and CariSATT with our contribution.

Successful move

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We are growing!

Our move to our new company building in Ettishoferstraße 14 is successfully completed. Our old “Werk II” is history – but a success story for more than 30 years. We are proud of our new location – finally space for new projects!

Many thanks to all employees at E.P. who actively supported the move. And thanks to all project partners who have done a great job in the past two years.

Our headquarters at Brechenmacherstraße 2 will remain, and our postal address will not change.